About Us

“Bridging the Knowledge Gap”

Educational Training Centre (ETC) programmes for dentists, offered by Indian Dental Association (IDA) are designed to equip dentists with all essential skills and principles to grow their practice. The programs are tailored to meet the gap from practice to a successful clinical practice. Each hands-on course promotes contemporary key concepts of dentistry, uses research and advanced dental technology. It offers an array of Continuing Dental Education courses; available throughout the year in Mumbai. IDA’s Educational Training Centre has plans to amplify the network of its centers’ across India covering all major cities.

Who should attend?

Dentists, who want to improve their patient treatment skills, re-enter main stream clinical practice or need a comprehensive review and multiple hands-on experience. Our courses also cater to graduates from dental school who want to start their practice, interns and undergraduates.


  1. Weekend Hands-on courses
  2. One day Lectures
  3. Long & Short Module Based Courses
  4. Practical demonstration & applications
  5. Group Discussions


  1. Learn basic to advanced concepts from Key Opinion Leaders
  2. Cutting-edge technology to improve clinical skills
  3. New skills & knowledge acquisition
  4. Diversification to grow practice
  5. Accreditation & Certification
  6. ETC points


Indian Dental Association (IDA) aims to develop future practitioners and provide dental care par excellence via optimal oral health care.

IDA ETC programme's immediate goals are to:

  1. Review and update dentists via CE courses
  2. Improve the knowledge, skills and ability of the individual to deliver the highest quality of service to the public and profession
  3. Incorporate current knowledge into the practice of dentistry
  4. Create receptivity to changing ideas and techniques
  5. To motivate and assist young men and women in preparing and establishing themselves in the practice of dentistry in order to improve access to care in rural areas
  6. Provide course material developed by experts and adopt peer-review process.
  7. Establish a premier educational programme at IDA that will merit broad recognition from the surrounding community as well as from within the academic dental education establishment.

Long-term goals:

  1. Improve the quality of ETC programmes through self-evaluation
  2. To enrich past dental educational experiences
  3. Promote uniformity of standards for ETC
  4. Encourage understanding of the ethical and legal issues affecting the practice of dentistryEnsure courses cover a wide range of relevant topics.
  5. Develop lifelong habits of study, education

To sum-up, we promote the science and art of dentistry for the betterment of oral health, to enhance the knowledge and skills of the dental practitioner by providing the intellectual stimulation that comes from a well-developed education programme, and encourage dental research.